Marina Del Rey Film Festival

2016 August 12th - 14th

@ Beach Dancer Films

& Howard Hughes Cinemark

& Pepperdine West LA

& Jamacia Bay Inn


The Marina Del Rey Film Festival is proud to foster up and coming filmmakers by providing a positive and festive environment to showcase their films and artistic endeavors in the film market. We are proud to be open to all forms of artistic film expression.

The Festival Is Coming Soon!

The festival will be held from August 12-14 2016 The Marina del Rey Film Festival we will be August 12-14th. at the Beachdancer Films Friday, Cinemark XD 18 Howard Hughes on Saturday, and the Cinetransformer truck in the Marina at Jamaica Bay Inn on Sunday. The Marina Del Rey Film Festival is just around the corner. We are getting ready to make 2016 a great Festival! Submissions are OPEN! Submit your film today on Film Freewayschedule. ... Read More

Submit A Film

The Marina Del Rey Film Festival is currently accepting sumbissions.